Leck Kill Grows Beautiful Music

The Music Harvest

We are expanding our garlic operation onto our farm located in Homer Township in Potter County, Pennsylvania.   To forecast our likely result, we planted a trial plot to evaluate how well our garlic cultivars will grow on this farm.  

The farm, which we refer to as “Cousin Bob’s Garlic Farm”, has Leck Kill soil.  The Leck Kill has the beneficial properties of being well-drained and very loamy.  The trial plot was located on a south-facing slope of 15 to 25% to give a good orientation. Of slight concern was that some flaggy-shaped stones were present in the soil which is a common characteristic of the high plateau soils in Potter County. 

The harvest is in and the results show that Leck Kill grows absolutely beautiful garlic.  The music cultivar performed particularly well, as shown in the above illustration.  Our garlic hardnecks like their cool, damp climate here on the Allegany Plateau. Some qualities of Cousin Bob’s Garlic Farm are given below.  

Elevation 1,844 to 2,142 feet
Mean Annual Precipitation 38 to 46 inches
Mean Annual Air Temperature 45 to 54 degrees F
Frost-free Period 140 to 170 days

Cousin Bob’s Garlic Farm is located on a high divide. On the farm, Freeman’s Run drains to the southeast into the Sinnemahoning; while the rain waters falling just over the dividing ridge flow to the northwest into the Allegheny – all flowing through shallow ravines and heavy forests.

Here the farmer who looks out, when the spring or fall rains are pouring, to see the drops select a course to pursue to the Chesapeake or the Mississippi. Cousin Bob’s Garlic Farm is on an immense plateau, covered with ancient soils formed from the aging rocks cut deeply and carved by time.


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