Marketing on the Internet

Good marketing is an absolute must for a successful farm business.  Selling produce on the internet is taking its place along side other forms of marketing.  We are direct marketing our produce using a number of internet-based agricultural advertising resources.  Another way we utilize the internet is having a farm business homepage mostly for advertising purposes. Garlic is a high-value, non-perishable, low-weight specialty crop.  The garlic bulbs are naturally wrapped in their own parchment shells.  Therefore, the garlic bulb is by it’s nature very shippable.  Shipment is by conventional package delivery systems like the US mail parcel post and flat-rate boxes, or customers can pick-up their order at the farm.

We believe that it is possible for innovative farmers to stay small-sized and make a reasonable living from agriculture.  However to do so, we will need to generate selling power with limited advertising dollars.  Our total yearly cost for internet-based advertising is about $160 which includes our Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) membership, monthly website fees and a yearly domain renewal. Our internet-based agricultural advertising resources are listed below with their supporting cost-benefit analysis. 


Advertising Resource Description Yearly Cost Benefit Analysis
The Pennsylvania Buy Fresh Buy Local® This website makes it easy for the public to find great local foods while supporting the farmers  that produce them.  PASA Membership is $60 per year. Farms operating in Pennsylvania are eligible for a free basic listing.  Abundant Grassroots Energy
LocalHarvest® A website to find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainable grown food. Free, but donations are accepted. Must meet registration standards. America’s #1 organic food website. Essentially create your farm webpage within this website.
PA Preferred® PA Preferred is a program designed to identify locally
sourced Pennsylvania products and help the public  find them.
Free, but must meet registration standards. The Pennsylvania Preferred® logo may be used to denote products meeting the locally-sourced criteria. 
PA AgMap® Connects U.S. agricultural businesses to the general public by providing listings that are easily searchable. Free for farms located within Pennsylvania. Online agricultural directory Promoting Pennsylvania Agriculture.
WordPress® A blog is a type of website that provides commentary or news on a particular subject; and can function as a farm journal. Free hosting offer users an easy way to deploy an on-line blog. WordPress® is the most popular blog in use today.
Intuit® Website Every business needs to advertise, and a website is vital to success on the internet. About $100 per year including the monthly website fees and yearly domain renewal. Gives credibility to a farm business.
Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) Farmers authorized by the State agency may accept and redeem FMNP checks. Free for farms located within Pennsylvania. Must meet registration standards. The FMNP provides WIC and seniors with fresh, locally grown produce from approved farmers’ markets in Pennsylvania.
The Farm Locator Farm Locator listing on the Rodale New Farm website   Free, but donations are accepted. A place for farmers and businesses to match-make with each other. For restaurants, retail stores, buyers and other food businesses interested in produce from local farmers.

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