A Good Time is Had by All!

Mountain Thyme Herbal Fair

 Selling produce at local festivals is a cornerstone of our marketing plan.  It is a necessary step to establish ourselves in the marketplace and take our plan from dream to reality.  For us, these events are all about making everyone successful.  The customers get excellent produce at fair market prices and we get enough money for what we grow to make it worth our effort.  We are making direct marketing a profitable, and enjoyable part of our farm business.   

Our goal is offer customers a unique experience that supermarkets cannot.  What can we offer customers that the local food stores or even a large supermarket cannot?  We enjoy describing our farm and explaining the organic growing practices that we use. We describe the garlic varieties that we grow and how to use them in cooking.  We find that our customers value this information.  

 There’s a bit of an art to arranging our booth at the fairs as seen in the above picture. Here’s a list of the vending wares that we use when we sell at local festivals and fairs.

Vendor Ware Description
Vermont garden cart Used to haul and display produce.  Home-made plywood top makes a stable platform for scales.
Citizen Scales CTP-60 NTEP Price Computing Scale 60 LB capacity. Legal for Trade. Auto Calibration. Rugged construction suitable for industrial environment. Rechargeable Battery Supply.
10’ x 10’ Tent Strings and poles.  We are planning to purchase a Commercial EZ Up Canopy for future.
Wood Display Rack Home-made display rack with three bushel baskets.
Paper and Mesh bags Large selection of paper lunch and mesh bags used to store purchased garlic.
Promotional Materials Business cards, sale brochures, product literature

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