Our Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are the communication link between sellers and the public for the purpose of influencing, informing, or persuading potential buyers.  This is an area where we invested a sufficient amount of time and money. We believe that perception is reality; if we introduce our farm with poorly designed promotional literature, then we will be perceived as nothing more than small beans. We invested in our farm’s look and identity because people tend to remember what they see more than they do the things they hear or read. For this reason, we didn’t take the graphics on the printed materials lightly.

Most consumers look for farms that are well-defined, and for those whose look and feel matches their ‘sweet spot’ criteria for making a purchasing decision.  To achieve this, we needed a well-rounded marketing package.  Our promotional literature included 100 business cards, 50 tri-fold sales brochures, 50 single-panel informational flyers (each print was cut into 3 pieces), 20 order forms and 20 bi-fold garlic planting guides.  They were designed by us using The Print Shop application on our home computer. Printing costs were about $300.


Color can be used to evoke desired responses and create perceptions . For example, the purple highlights give a warm color to our business card. Similarly, our garlic when used for cooking gives a warm flavor to foods.  The green band shows that we’re very aware of the environment. Sometimes these little ‘extras’ act as the determining factor when making a purchasing decision between similar products.


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