Why Do Small Farmers Farm?

Farms are intended to generate income for the farmer.  However, commercial gain alone does not adequately justify the mental and physical energy needed to operate the farm. The real purpose then must be something more than making money.

We also farm to conserve and care for the land and other natural resources on the farm.  In this case, good stewardship provides incentive. Yet another reason we farm is to provide a good "place to live".  Lifestyle is important to us and also provides us with incentive to farm.  

Combining these ideas together brings us to the real reason we farm; farming for sustainability.  As farmers, we remain motivated by the purposes of economic viability (commercial), ecological integrity (stewardship) and social responsibility (lifestyle). 

With these principles in mind, motivation comes to us in many ways. For example, customer feedback can enrich us.  Here is one such comment that we recently recieved called Wonderful Garlic:

"I just gotta tell you how nice my house smells with the garlic that I picked up this morning at the farmers market. I’m the one who said I’m making sauce. It smells so good cooking down that I can hardly wait till it’s ready. Thanks.”

Needless to say, this customer’s comment made our day.


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