Growing A Local Farmer’s Market

Last evening, the Fitzgerald’s Family Farm hosted the “kick-off'” planning meeting for the 2011 “God’s Country” Farmer’s Market.  Based on the turn out, this season is shaping up to build upon last season’s success. Our local group of farmers shared a potluck supper and exchanged ideas on how to the grow the local farmer’s market. Our shared goal is to offer customers a unique shopping experience by operating a weekly farmer’s market with a greater selection of produce from a variety of local farms on the courthouse square.

Garlic Vending at Farmer's Market

What is so wonderful about our farmer’s market? It’s the traditional way selling of agricultural products within the community. Last season we enjoyed describing our farm and explaining the growing practices to our customers. We described the garlic that we grow and how to use them in cooking. We found that our customers valued this information. We look forward to the upcoming growing season and participating in the God’s Country Farmer’s Market. The great thing is that we are a group of authentic Potter County farmsteads working together to grow the very best local agricultural produce for our customers. We’re very proud our small-town farmer’s market on the square. We’re coming back this season with even more great garlic to sell.

Fitzgerald’s Family Farm has blogged more on the gathering at their site. Be sure to check out our new blogroll. We’ve listed three sites who are local Potter County growers and are affiliated with our local farmers’ market. To keep up with all of the sustainable farming news happening locally be sure to visit these websites and share them with your friends.


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