Witness to Atmospheric Battle

We saw it snow at 40 degrees, yesterday at around 6:00 pm following a nice warm spring day. We noticed from the temperature chart that both the ambient temperature and the dew point temperature quickly converged to 32 degrees. Of course, the snow did not stick and it was a brief snow shower.

The snowflakes were very large and “sticky” wet from partial melting. Maybe this day of atmospheric battle between the warm and cold forces is a sign that spring has arrived.

Snow at 40 Degrees

Temperature History Chart

Austin Papermill Tower "Winter 2010"

Winter 2010 arrived in similar fashion, on the last day of November following a warm and pleasant fall. This brought us one of the longest and coldest winters we had in some time.

In fact, we came in second in the weather channel’s America’s Toughest Weather City 64-city tournament bracket. Here’s our weather profile: “Located in far northern Pennsylvania, Bradford, Pa. is what we consider the “Cinderella” in the tournament.  A basic tenet of meteorology: valleys trap cold air since it is more dense than warm air. Considering its more southern latitude than other Northeast cold spots, Bradford can more than hold its own in bone-chilling cold.

Oh, and did we mention Bradford is only about 60 miles downwind of a prolific snow factory, Lake Erie? If the wind flow is right, even Lake Huron can contribute to Bradford’s snow! Want to plant a garden? Best wait until after Memorial Day. The growing season here is only 3.5 months.”


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One Response to Witness to Atmospheric Battle

  1. Sharon says:

    Insane! I think everyone is completely worn out with the snow! At another blog I follow it was called, “poor man’s fertilizer.” And… it’s snowing as I write.

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