Do Feed the Garlic

Basic Farming 101 taught us feed the soil, not the plant. Today, we made the exception to rule by feeding the young garlic plants. We applied a sea-based nutrient called Fertrell Fish #1. The label N-P-K ratings are a mere 4-1-1, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Sea-based nutrient mixes, especially kelp, contain many “trace nutrients”. The garlic plants absorb these essential elements directly through their leaves.

Foliar Feeding Set-UP

Mother Earth News  says “plants absorb foliar nutrients best in the early morning or late afternoon. Cloudy days are also good, but not if rain is imminent—it would wash the spray off the leaves.” This morning was cool, sunny with some clouds and a light breeze. It looked perfect for foliar feeding. So, we did a Jean-Luc “Make it so”.  It went well and we finished in 3 hours.  But then, we got a shower about an hour after the application.

Here are the field notes:

Applied Foliar Feeding to Garlic Plants in Garlic Field 5 (~0.5 acres). Used Chapin 4-Gal. Backpack Sprayer to apply 76 ounces of Fertrell Liquid Fish #1 mixed with 9-1/2 gallons of water.

Applied liquid fertilizer spray directly to leaves. Application time was 2 hours with 1/2 hour for preparation and 1/2 for clean-up. Cloudy with light shower. The temperature was 56 with light breeze.

Post Application Note: Upon arrival back home, the dogs and cat sniffed me thoroughly and thought that I smelled rather “fishy”.


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2 Responses to Do Feed the Garlic

  1. Sharon says:

    The milk can is interesting. How do you use it and did you modify that yourself?

    • Wooleylot says:

      Since our garlic field is away from a water source, we use the milk can to carry water to mix with the liquid fish at the field. The milk can holds 5-gallon, the back-pack holds 4-gallon and with the gallon jug, it gives us 10 gallons of H2O. These cans have a drain at the bottom. We attached a tygon tube and valve to the drain to make it easy to re-fill the back-pack sprayer.

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