Spring Baby Garlic

Fresh From The Garden

This time of year the growing garlic is at the spring baby garlic stage. It looks and tastes like a scallion, or even more like a baby leek, than like garlic, at first. But then, when I eat it raw, I experience the gentle garlic heat at the back of my mouth. They can be brushed with olive oil and grilled, or they’re also an excellent way to flavor a spring soup. A basic recipe is leek and potato soup, but with the added bite of garlic. Like scallions and green onions, we chop and use the tender green leaves and stems too. Fresh spring garlic doesn’t keep very long, so we harvest it in small amounts to use within a day or two.

Spring Baby Garlic is a great treat to get that great fresh garlic flavor so early in the year, just in time when our stored garlic bulbs from last year are running out. The first produce from the garden, it sure tastes great.


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One Response to Spring Baby Garlic

  1. Sharon says:

    Sounds marvelous! Next year I’ll plant more so I’ll be able to pull some in the spring!

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