Cultivars for Locavores™

An advertising slogan is a short phrase that has to do a lot of work. The idea is that in just a few words, it can convey all sorts of information about our farm and produce:

  1. Tells customers what we offer them.
  2. Shows how we position ourself in the market place.
  3. Makes our farm memorable to prospective customers.

With all of that in mind, we set out to create our very own farm slogan.  We came up with the following : Cultivars for Locavores™.  Do you like our slogan or should we come up with something else. Use the poll to vote.  How did we come up with that slogan? Read below to find out.

The word “Cultivar” was coined by Liberty Hyde Bailey. It is generally regarded as an abbreviation of “cultivated” and “variety” and means a plant or group of plants selected for desirable characteristics that are grown and used as food sources. [1] “Locavores” are people who eat foods from their local “foodshed” or buy much of their food as they can from local farmers, growers, and sellers with whom they have a relationship or whose growing or producing practices they want to support. [2] By combining those two ideas, we have a farm slogan to use in our advertising campaign. Unlike larger farms, we sell directly to individuals who come to the farmer’s market, local grocers and local festivals.

[1] Cultivar Definition from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[2] Locavore Definition from Guide


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