Market on the Square

This is our 2011 Crop Calendar and Schedule of Events. All produce are handcrafted (planted and harvested by hand) and grown right here in Potter County – without the use of chemical pesticides, with the use of natural fertilizers – and sold locally to consumers.  

Dates Produce Available
May Spring Baby Garlic
June Garlic Scapes (young, tender flower stalk)
Mid July to August Fresh Garlic Bulbs
August through December Garlic Bulbs (naturally air-dried)
September through October Fingerling Potatoes

We’re coming back to the Coudersport Farmer’s Market this season with even more great garlic. What’s so wonderful about the farmer’s market? It’s the traditional way selling of agricultural products within the community; Farmer-to-Consumers.

Event Address Days Times
Coudersport Farmer’s Market Courthouse Square,  Coudersport,  PA 16915 Saturday starting on May 28 through early October, 2011 9 am – 2 pm

We are offering garlic at these upcoming local festivals. Our goal is offer customers a unique experience. We enjoy describing our farm and explaining the traditional growing practices. We describe the garlic varieties that we grow and how to use them in cooking.

Event Host Address Days Times
Mountain Thyme Herbal Fair Frosty Hollow Bed & Breakfast 1077 Cherry Springs Rd, Coudersport, PA 16915 Saturday, August 6, 2011 10 am-4 pm
Cuba Garlic Festival Cuba Chamber of Commerce Empire State Farms, 105 South Street, Route 305, Cuba, NY 14727 Saturday and Sunday – September 18 & 19, 2011 10 am-6 pm on Saturday and 10 am-5 pm on Sunday
Austin Flood Centennial Austin Flood Centennial Committee Town Square, Main Street, Austin, PA 19720 Friday, September 30, thru Sunday, October 2,  2011 Noon-9 pm on Friday and 9 am – 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday

By participating these events, we are supporting our local community and reducing our carbon footprint.


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2 Responses to Market on the Square

  1. Sharon says:

    Will you be there on May 28th? I’m dying to get some of your spring baby garlic! It is absolutely THE best!

    • wooleylot says:

      We will join in when the garlic scapes are ready to pick (mid June, or maybe sooner). Glad to hear that the market opened. For next year’s opening, we can plant some garlic this fall for the spring baby garlic. We will plant the cloves from the little bulbs to harvest for the spring baby garlic. That will give us something to bring to the market in May.

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