Mid-Spring Field Observation


Field observation is the key to making appropriate crop cultivation decisions. By observing the fields and the surrounding environment thoroughly and regularly, farmers will keep up to date on what the conditions in the field are like. Hence, we will be less likely to encounter any unexpected problems, such as pests, weeds, or drought and will usually then be able to handle any oncoming problem in time.

The mid-spring field observation is an important time in the garlic growth cycle.  Planting the garlic cloves was done in October-November.  Harvest occurs in July.  The mid-spring field check is used to evaluate the over-all crop health, uncover any pest or disease problems, and determine weed pressures.

Field Notes and Observations: Height Measured on May 20, 2011 (see photographs below)

No pest or disease problems found. Garlic health is good. Some yellowing on leaf tips found, but nothing unusual. Mostly likely due to minor soil nutrient deficiencies.  Moderate Weed Pressure; able to control by regular and routine hand-pulling.

Cultivar Height
Chesnok Red 10″ – 24″
Music 17″ – 27″
Purple Italian 10″ – 19″
Vkoos Odena 13″ – 26″
Ohman Red 10″ – 21″

Garlic Field 5 - Rows H to C


Garlic Field 5 - Rows F to A


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