Garlic Scapes

The Garlic Scape

Did you know that mid June is a magic time in the garlic world? We get a delicious surprise from our growing garlic plants, called the scape. Garlic scapes (also known as garlic tops, garlic shoots, garlic spears, or garlic “flowers”) are the curly tipped, extremely tasty green shoots that grow from top of hardneck garlic.

We remove the scapes to divert the plant’s energy toward bigger bulbs. When harvested while they are young and tender, the scapes are delicious. Scapes provide an early substitute for fresh grown garlic.

Garlic Scapes taste milder than the garlic cloves. Cook them as you would asparagus, sautéed or steamed. Scapes offer a wide range of uses from soups, stir fries, salads to garnishes. Their flavor makes a perfect harmony when mixed with grilled summer vegetables. Garlic scapes can be used in mashed potatoes, roasts, marinades, pastas, pesto or home-made bread.  My favorite recipe is to brush them with olive oil and roast them on the grill. Garlic scapes have a wonderful mild garlic flavor that enhances just about any dish in addition to adding a little splash of color.

We’re bringing the scapes to the farmers market and selling them for $1 a dozen or $5 per standard sized plastic grocery sack (about 5 pounds).  Be sure to get a Delicious Bunch of Garlic Scapes! Buy enough for the whole season, as you can freeze them where they will keep for months!


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