Garlic Demand Grows

Garlic Field

Our pre-harvest garlic sells have been brisk. It seems that the demand is growing along with the garlic crop. This year the garlic harvest is expected to be three times more than we grew last year. Even with the increased production, we expect that we will be hard-pressed to keep up with demand.

The good news is that we won’t have to sell to the bigger regional markets because we have great local markets. We really like the farmer-to-consumer sales, as opposed to selling wholesale to food stores.  Farmers markets and local festivals are our first choice.

So as not to disappoint local consumers,  we encourage pre-orders so that we can reserve garlic for you. That way, you are sure to get the best selection.  We have posted our garlic availability below:

Cultivar Availability 
Chesnok Red Still Available
Music Limited Quantities Available
Purple Italian Sold Out
Vkoos Odena Still Available
Ohman Red Still Available

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2 Responses to Garlic Demand Grows

  1. Sharon says:

    Save enough for the Farmer’s Market! It would be sad to not have you there!

    • wooleylot says:

      We enjoy the farmer’s market very much. We are encouraging pre-orders so that we can reserve garlic for the regular customers to give them best selection. They can pick-up at the Farmer’s Market weekly, or just get a single large order for the season (because it stores and keeps well).

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