Dance of the Allium

Winter Onion Dips and Divides

This time of year brings the dance of the winter onions. I planted them in October. Now they are quite big, almost 4 feet tall with thick green stalks. There are also small clusters of onions on the tops which have smaller clusters on the tips of those. (pictured)  

Each plant is starting to twist and contort as they bend to the ground. What’s happening is that it is  bulbing time in the summer and they will divide into a cluster of new onions.  The garlic plants have long curly scapes for their topsets to accompany the onion in their dance.

Allium Dance in High Gear

This summer ritual of allium prompts us to prepare for the garlic harvest. So, we hooked the garlic wagon to the tractor for check-out as we know that summer harvest will be soon upon us.

Check of "The Garlic Express"


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