“Taste of Odin” Harvest

The 2011 garlic harvest continues in spite of the hot, dry weather. Today’s harvest was our heritage garlic, Vkoos Odena (“Taste of Odin”) growing in Garlic Field 5, Rows F and G. It looks great and is always our top performer. This strain is characterized by a large, symmetrical bulb with 4 to 6 plump cloves.  Its features are a distinctive, strong spicy flavor and it keeps very well.

"Vkoos Odena" Catch

The Vkoos Odena was planted last fall with #40 of seed cloves in Row F and #43 of seed cloves in Row G. From those plantings, we gathered the wagon full of freshly dug garlic shown here. The harvest pictures show a bountiful catch of beautiful garlic. The Vkoos Odena cultivar always gives us large and symmetrical bulbs and is my personal favorite for its favor. It has been grown in Potter County for many generations.


Garlic Wagon Close Up


Garlic Close Up

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