Purple Italian Harvest

Garlic Harvest Bird's Eye

The 2011 garlic harvest continues with the Rocamboles. Today’s harvest was the Purple Italian growing in Garlic Field 5, Rows D and E. It looks great with attractive purple skinned bulbs. Ok, so they might not look so attractive to everyone when freshly dug, unless you are a garlic grower, then they sure do. After some drying, they clean-up nicely with their outer bulb layer removed to reveal that distinctive purple coloring just underneath. To see how nice garlic bulbs look after the drying, see Sharon’s post “Beautiful Garlic” on the Fitzgerald’s Family Farm site. As with most garlic, its best feature is its spicy, yet pleasant sweet flavor. Averages 4-6 bulbs per 1/2 lb. with 7-9 cloves per bulb.

Wagon of Purple Italian

The Purple Italian was planted last fall with #37 of seed cloves in Row D and #23 of seed cloves in Row E. From those plantings, we gathered the wagon full of freshly dug garlic shown here. The harvest pictures show a great catch of beautiful garlic.

Garlic Close Up


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