Visit to Neighbor’s Garden

Want to be impressed, then just visit a neighbor with a garden. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit neighbors who have their own backyard gardens. I am really impressed with their results in growing vegetables.  The results reflect the effort that these home gardeners make to provide their own really fresh food.

Locally Grown "Walla Walla" Onions

The best reason to grow your own vegetables is to produce healthier food for you and your family.  Just look at these onions! I think that they are Walla Walla. They were grown by local backyard gardeners, and given to us. Last summer, they got some “Vkoos Odena” garlic from us to plant in their garden, which they did and it was just harvested by them.  Now they have their very own garlic. A Success Story!

It reminds us that even though we are “market” gardeners trying to be farmers, we are still growing to provide the best produce that we can for our customers. If you can’t grow your own vegetables, then buy local as much as you can. It benefits the entire community.


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