Ohman Red Harvest

Mid Summer Heat Wave

The 2011 garlic harvest continues as the mid-summer temperatures soar into the 90’s. We harvested yesterday in the evening to avoid the hot day time. The harvest was the Ohman Red growing in Garlic Field 5, Row H. We also gathered up the remaining Music in Row C.  As July goes along it is getting hotter and drier, and the remaining garlic in field has fully matured. Fortunately, only a few garlic stands remain which will be harvested as quickly as we can.

The Ohman Red looks great with deep purple skinned bulbs. It is thought that rich, loamy soil with moderate soil organic matter (3% to 4%) produces the best color on the bulb wrappers. The soil report for Garlic Field 5 lists organic matter to be 3.6%, and the garlic has had nice color this year. To see how the Ohman Red bulbs look trimmed and cleaned, see “Beautiful Garlic” on the Fitzgerald’s Family Farm site.

Ohman Red Harvest Close Up

Garlic Wagon View From Back

The Ohman Red was planted last fall with #27 of seed cloves in Row H. We gathered the freshly dug garlic shown here. The Ohman Red is the front two tiers and the Music is in the back.


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One Response to Ohman Red Harvest

  1. Hello to Wooleylot Farm from Southern Tasmania,

    That garlic harvest of yours looks beautiful, those trailer loads of freshly dug garlic are just as attractive to me as the bulbs will be when they are cleaned up later on. Our garlic, Tas purple stands about knee high at present and we can’t wait for harvest time in about 4 months.

    We have been really enjoying your blog and finding it well set out and incredibly informative, thanks guys.

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