Weighing by the Rules

Weighing by the Rules

One of the differences between being a market gardener and a home gardener is weighing by the “fair trade” rules.  One such rule is the need to have commercially used scales tested for accuracy by a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) Weights & Measures inspector. They are tasked with the annual inspections on commercial measuring devices used throughout the state “to assure equity in the marketplace”. Since we sell garlic by the pound, we have our scale annually inspected and tested.

The process is a simple one but does require some coordination with the PDA Weight & Measure to schedule a visit by an inspector to test your scale. And the inspection visit and testing is done at no charge. The inspector puts an approval seal, like the one pictured here, on devices that are tested and approved.

Inspection Sticker

For Potter County, the PDA contact information is provided below. We hope that you find this information useful.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture – Region 2
542 County Farm Road
Suite #102
Montoursville, Pennsylvania 17754
Phone: (570) 433-2640
Craig Fester, Supervisor

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