A Family of Family Farms

It is our good fortune to be featured in two articles this month. First, our farm research friends at the Rodale Institute published an article about us. And then, our garlic farm was written about in the October edition of the “Mountain Home” magazine.  Such an honor for our humble little farm.

We are not so much trying to self-promote by participating in these articles.  But mostly, our hope is that these articles bring some positive attention to the small but growing number of sustainable, local farms taking root here in Potter County.

We found it interesting the way each the articles describe our small-scale garlic farming operation. And, we hope that the other readers find them interesting reading too. We tried to convey the fact that as a small farm we will not succeed on our own. We need to be a part of a  community of farmers in order to succeed. So, what we are really aiming for is “A Family of Family Farms”to prosper here in Potter County.

Take a read, and learn about sustainable farming in Potter County.

Farming is not rocket science….or is it?

The Garlic Guy



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One Response to A Family of Family Farms

  1. Sharon says:

    These are fantastic! Have fun at the Austin Centennial!

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