Authentic Eggs

Authenic Eggs

Usually, the hens start laying when it warms up in spring and lay eggs each day through the summer months; they stop laying in winter. However, because of the nice weather that we’re having this January, the hens are still laying eggs.

You know that you just can’t beat authentic farm fresh eggs. While on second thought, you certainly can beat them, and you can scramble them and fry them too.   

As the video below reports: “Some of the factory farm operators literally raise millions of birds (both conventional and organic) with as many as 85,000 “organic” hens in single buildings.” To Separate the factory farm egg production from authentic farmstead agriculture, watch the video.

Video: Scrambled Eggs.

One of Our Authentic Hens

And when the hens aren’t laying, we are forced to buy eggs from the food store. One way, we recently found to make an informed decision is to use Cornucopia Institute’s  Egg Report. We were surprised to find several brands, including some labelled as organic, rated very poorly. And, several brands in the store proudly displayed the “United Egg Producers” seal of approval. Here’s what the Cornucopia Institute’s  report says about that endorsement: “… the United Egg Producers Animal Welfare program (the industry trade/lobby group), which only guarantees that hens have access to feed and water—the standards do not even require that hens have enough space to stretch their wings. In fact, the standards are so lax and industry‐ friendly that they even allow cages—which are of course prohibited in organic production.”   Check the egg report, see how your eggs rate.


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