The GMO Merry Go Round

Here is an agricultural article Farmers Learning Limits of Popular Herbicide by Voice of America about “roundup ready” weeds. This article reports that Monsanto produces seeds which grow into plants genetically engineered to be tolerant to glyphosate, known as Roundup. After a few years of use, the weeds have become tolerant to glyphoste.  So, the next alteration of food is about to occur with a new round of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with a new batch of chemicals to spray on the GMOs.  Did you know that 80 percent of packaged foods in this country contain genetically engineered ingredients? And in the US, food companies aren’t required to label their food products as GMOs. Read the blog Just Label It to learn more.

No GMOs Here

A better way is not to use the GMO crops and toxic herbicides. As consumers, the best thing we can do is to not purchase GMO food. One way to do this is to support farmer markets that offer produce that is locally-grown, non-GMO and pesticide-free. Be sure to ask the grower how the produce is grown and don’t accept any GMO food. Also, consider starting a garden this year to grow your own food. It will help save on your food budget and be safer for you and your family.

Local Produce on Display

Here’s good news. Right here in Potter County, Pennsylvania there are growers that grow non-GMO produce without the use of chemical pesticides – and sell it locally. Who are they and where do they sell? We’ve listed them on our blogroll. Be sure to visit these websites and share them with your friends.

Our local group of farmers affiliate with the Coudesport Farmers’ Market. This season the Coudersport Farmer’s Market will be held on Fridays, from 3 pm – 7 pm from May through October. We plan also to set up on one Saturday a month to coincide with a proposed “Saturday on the Square” project by the Coudersport Chamber of Commerce and on the festival weekends, like the Maple Festival, the 4th of July and the Falling Leaves festival. Come and visit us. Get off the GMO Merry Go Round.


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