Three Sisters Arrive

It’s mid-winter here in Potter County, Pennsylvania. And, we’ve been looking through the seed catalogs for a while now. It’s a popular pastime to help us plan next season’s gardens. After giving it some thought, we placed a seed order. And this week, the seeds arrived in our mailbox. Last year, we had success intercropping sunflowers and squash in the same growing area. To build on that success, we added the third sister; beans. Here’s the three sisters at a glance.

The Three Sisters

The Russian Mammoth Sunflower

A garden giant with large flowers but the centers not so filled with seeds that they topple over. This makes a spectacular, fast-growing trellis for the pole beans to grow on.

Marvel of Venice Pole Bean

A yellow, Italian-style heirloom with full flavor. This vigorous legume fixes nitrogen into the soil.

Costata Romanesco Zucchini

A tradition Italian heirloom with great flavor. This big, large-leafed bush provides the weed control and shades the soil to keep it cool and moist.

And the three sisters brought some friends with them. The seed delivery included our selected varieties of specialty pumpkins and winter squash.  As Mother Earth News  says  “one of the most nutritious crops you can grow...”.  Shown below, left to right are “Marina Di Chioggia” , “Black Forest” and “Long Island Cheese“. 


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