Edible and Savory

What’s edible and savory and only available locally? The answer is farmers market vegetables! The dictionary has Vegetable defined as: any edible part of a plant with a savory flavor. One might say, that by this definition, only locally grown produce can be called vegetables because of the savory flavor.  By comparison, farmer market vegetables leave the so called supermarket “farm fresh” produce in the dust.

We will be offering garlic and a select basket of other savory vegetables at local farmer markets and festivals. Our goal is offer customers a unique experience. We enjoy describing our farm and explaining the traditional growing practices. We describe the crops that we grow and how to use them in cooking. You might say that we’re making the gourmet cook’s dream come true right here in Potter County! Catering to those of you that have an appetite for locally grown vegetables because it is the best food.

Here’s our 2012 Crop Calendar and Schedule of Events. All produce are handcrafted (planted and harvested by hand) and grown right here in Potter County – without the use of chemical pesticides, with the use of natural fertilizers – and sold locally to consumers.  We’ll  be back to the Potter County Farmer’s Market and the Wellsboro Grower’s Market.  Look for us at the Frosty Hollow Herbal Fair and the Cuba Garlic Festival. What’s so wonderful about these farmer’s markets and festivals? It’s the traditional way selling of agricultural products within the community; Farmer-to-Consumers.


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