A Local Delicacy

The garlic scapes are curling. They have a garlicky taste that is milder than the garlic cloves with the tender-crisp texture of just-picked asparagus. We realize that to many, garlic scapes are new. So, we came up with a two-page flyer to describe how to use garlic scapes in recipes and help make them a part of your kitchen. Help us promote the use of these delicious, locally grown vegetables!  Print this flyer front to back, cut into three strips and share with your friends. scapes-leaflet (click the link to view)

Anyone who would like to try this highly prized delicacy, let us know. We are bringing them to the Potter County Farmers Market this Friday and next Friday, on the Potter County Courthouse Square.

Read more about garlic scapes in Mother Earth News.

Some of you might be saying: “Sounds yummy. I LOVE garlic but have trouble digesting it.” To you we say, here’s a way to re-discover that great garlic favor. Raw, they bring a bit of a garlic bite, but they really mellow out when cooked. So, when used in cooking, we don’t believe that you would have any trouble with them. And they freeze well and will keep just fine when frozen for several months.


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2 Responses to A Local Delicacy

  1. sybaritica says:

    I can’t wait to get to try those sometime!

  2. toncho says:

    Thanks for the leaflet on scapes. I’ve got a few on my garlic this year, so I may now try them out. Perhaps I’ll go for raw as a topping. I’m in the UK and have my own little garlic blog:

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