Mad Fardener

No I’m not angry, just mad. To prove it, here is evidence from this year’s field log. It’s the page showing the recently completed field plantings.

Rows 1 to 4 – #131 of Fingerling Potatoes

Rows 5, 7 and 9 – ~1 pound of Russian Mammoth Sunflowers, Luscious Sweet Corn (~1000 seeds), Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas (~3140 seeds), ~2 pounds of Negreta Fava Beans and Marvel of Venice Pole Beans (~1000 seeds)

Row 6 – 2 ounces of Delicata Winter Squash (~876 seeds)

Row 8 – 2 ounces of Black Forest Winter Squash (~275 seeds)

Rows 6 and 8 – Costata Romanesco Zucchini (~500 seeds)

Row 10 – 2 ounces each of Long Island Cheese, Marina Di Chioggia and Jarrahdale Winter Squash (~1000 seeds)

Surrounded rows by 50 pounds of Buckwheat mixed with 15 pounds of crimson clover and then over-seeded in-between rows with an additional 8 pounds of crimson clover.

What can we hope to harvest? 1310 pounds of potatoes, 2151 pounds of winter squash, 333 pounds of summer squash, 40 dozen ears of sweet corn, 24 pounds of sugar peas and 375 pounds of pole beans are the expected yields from this madness.

One might ask; What is a fardener? That is our transition from home gardeners to farmers. We are at the mid-point between gardener and farmer; making us fardeners.


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