Good Growing Gardens

Here are a couple of pictures of this year’s vegetable field. The first one shows the rows of Fingerling Potatoes. The potato plants are amazing this year. Fingerlings originated from the Andes of Peru and Bolivia where many different kinds were grown by the villagers.

The light green rows in the below picture are the Russian mammoth sunflowers and sweet corn.  Growing beneath them are the sugar peas and pole beans that use the fast-growing sunflowers and corn as trellis to grow on. The dark green rows are the winter squash and the zucchini. Notice the big, large-leafed zucchini bushes providing the weed control and shade to keep the soil cool and moist. This inter-cropping arrangement is our version of the three-sisters growing technique. Buckwheat surrounds the entire garden to attract beneficial insects, and acts as a trap crop.

The last picture shows a bird’s eye view of the entire field of inter-cropped vegetables.

Special Note: The title of this post is a tribute to the good work being done by Officer Mike Barnard at McKean County Probation’s Good Growing Gardens in Smethport, Pennsylvania. Click link here to learn more; Big Brothers Big Sisters of McKean County


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