2012 Garlic Harvest Begins

The 2012 garlic harvest is underway. We gathered our first couple of wagon loads of freshly dug garlic which will be sorted and cured (air-dried) in the drying barn. We hope that you enjoy the photographs shown below to capture the event.

Full Garlic Wagon

Today’s harvest was the Music and Italian Red growing in Garlic Field 3. It looked mature and ready to harvest as does the entire field of garlic. We like to harvest when there are still at least three green leaves remaining on the stem.  The number of green leaves means there remains the same number of intact parchment skins covering and protecting the cloves which give a long keeping time. It also makes for an attractive bulb presentation at the market.

Italian Red Up-Close

The harvest pictures show a bountiful catch of beautiful garlic. The Italian Red looks especially good this year.  Its flavor is very strong, hot and spicy with an especially rich taste. It has thin bulb wrappers that have reddish brown coloring.  It’s an old-world Italian garlic grown in McKean County, Pennsylvania for many generations.


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