Fill Your Basket Locally

Here are some of the great tasting, vegetables grown on our small family farm using sustainable practices that maintain soil health and biodiversity. Pictured here are the shallots (very nice size this year) and the Russian banana fingerlings and the all-blue potatoes. You can support the local economy and benefit from the high nutritional value of produce delivered truly farm-fresh from the farmsteads like us.

The winter squash are growing in size and are getting closer to maturity.  A few of the delicata have good size and we are just waiting for rind to harden. Kabocha is the Japanese pumpkin variety of winter squash. They have a few weeks to go.  As the winter squash approaches maturity, the stems connecting the fruit to the vine will start to dry out.

Support your local farmers by buying some produce from the local farmers being offered at the local markets, like the the Potter County Farmers Market, that give you access to fresh, seasonal produce from farms in your region.


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