Why Buy Local Foods?

We can answer that question many ways. First, when is buying food fun? When you’re at the farmers market. If you want to make your next farmers market visit even more enjoyable, then visit Goodfor20. Goodfor20 uses facebook to show the purchases made by food consumers who buy from farmer markets, farm stands and CSAs. And what we like most about it is that it’s a really fun activity!

How does it work? Simple, visit a farmers market and make a purchase. Then add a photo with a brief description of what you purchased and any other positive experience that came out of the visit to a farmers market.

Here’s how to turn food shopping into fun event:

  1. Visit a farmers market and make a purchase.
  2. Take a photo of what was purchased. Creating an interesting arrangement using the fruits, vegetables or other items like baked goods can be the most fun part.
  3. Note any positive experience about your visit at the farmers market. Some examples might be that you met a friend and talked to the farmer about the produce or how to grow something in the garden. Maybe you enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at the outdoor market, shared a recipe and found a bounty of the fresh vegetables.   And, include the name and location of the market that you visited.
  4. Email your photograph and description to be@goodfor20.com. If you include your home address in your email, Goodfor20 will send you a sticker.

And at Goodfor20, you get to share your experience with friends. We don’t rightly recall hearing so much about so many getting so much enjoyment from their trips to the supermarket, now do we.

Oh yeah, there’s that Goodfor20 Oath of Nourishment:

I [state your name] do hereby promise, as long as I need food to survive, to allocate at least $20 of my weekly grocery spending to a direct-to-customer source, such as a farm stand, farmer’s market, or CSA.

Here’s our take on that. It really comes down to again answering the question – Why buy local food? We found Ten Good Reasons at the Greensgrow Farms website and listed them below. But, there’s really only one answer to that question – because we choose to.

  1. Locally grown food tastes better.
  2. Local produce is better for you.
  3. Local food preserves genetic diversity.
  4. Local food is GMO-free.
  5. Local food supports local farm families.
  6. Local food builds community.
  7. Local food preserves open space.
  8. Local food keeps your taxes in check.
  9. Local food supports a clean environment and benefits wildlife.
  10. Local food is about the future.

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