Farm to Table

This zucchini was picked just this morning and served “same-day” fresh at Olga Gallery, Cafe, & Bistro. Now, that’s local food.

Here’s what I bought from a local farm…Wooleylot Farm situated in Coudersport, Pa. about 4 hours ago (Italian heirloom zucchini & farm fresh eggs for about $20). In this case the farmer visited me, but we purchase produce every Friday from Alvie & his fellow farmers at our local Farmer’s Market. I’m going to post a follow up photo of what the zucchini became for a fortunate patron a little more than an hour later. — with Olga Gallery, Cafe, & Bistro

Sauteed locally grown Italian heirloom zucchini was the vegetable of the day…this particular customers plate including the dish of zucchini came back empty…thanks Wooleylot Farm! — with Olga Gallery, Cafe, & Bistro

Here’s the Goodfor20 promotional request: How does it work? Simple, visit a farmers market and make a purchase. Then add a photo with a brief description of what you purchased and any other positive experience that came out of the visit to a farmers market:

  1. Visit a farmers market (in this case the farmer visits you) and make a purchase.
  2. Take a photo of what was purchased.
  3. Note any positive experience about your visit. And, include the name and location of the farm or market that you visited.
  4. Email your photograph and description to If you include your home address in your email, Goodfor20 will send you a sticker.

Goodfor20 is designed to be a fun activity using facebbook to promote local food. Let me know want you think.


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