Growing Specialty Crops

This year, we were successful in expanding our farm offerings to include a select set of mixed vegetables. You might say that we’re helping to fill the local food shopper’s basket with some specialty items.  Catering to those of you that have an appetite for locally grown vegetables because it is the best food.

In addition to garlic bulbs and shallots, we have the following list of produce:

  1. Three (3) kinds of Fingerling Potatoes – Russian Banana, Swedish Peanut and Rose Finn Apple
  2. Two (2) kinds of Winter Squash – Delicata and Black Forest Kabocha
  3. Three (3) kinds of Specialty Pumpkins – Long Island Cheese, Marina Di Chioggia and Jarrahdale.
  4. Costata Romanesco Zucchini
  5. Marvel of Venice Pole Beans
  6. Russian Mammoth Sunflower Heads

We will be show casing each specialty item with its own individual post. Look for links in the above list, as they become available.


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