The Cookfor20 Challenge

The Cookfor20 challenge is to cook a meal made from products bought at the farmers market. Here is our selected recipe for Baked Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Style.

The recipe ingredients that we got at the farmer’s market include the spaghetti squash, tomatoes that we home-canned and our own home-grown garlic. We omitted from the recipe the following: onion (used extra garlic), basil, black pepper, bouillon cube and black olives. We used store-bought cheeses (will make a better effort to have locally-made cheeses next time).

Here’s what we found: Very delicious squash meal. The squash was firm and fresh-tasting. It was purchased on September 21st (over 39 days ago).  We recommend that when the farmers markets are open and have an abundance of fresh vegetables that can be persevered like tomatoes, and vegetables that have long storage like the winter squash and garlic (and cheeses) buy them good quantities. That way, you can enjoy them long after the markets are closed for the season. And what made it fun was not using a baking dish.  We baked and served it in the squash rind. And, we also placed the squash seeds on the baking sheet and roasted them as appetizers.

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