Processing Horseradish

Just dug up some of the horseradish patch for the first time this fall, and prepared a sauce from some of the larger roots. The roots of this easy-to-grow, hardy perennial are ground to make a spicy, hot horseradish sauce. Even a modest size home garden can grow a few horseradish plants at the borders for root harvest each fall. People either love horseradish or they hate it. One bite of pungent prepared horseradish is enough to clear out anyone’s sinuses. Homemade prepared horseradish is about twice as strong as store-bought versions. We saved the crowns (top of root) and some of the smaller (pencil-sized) roots for fall planting.

SAUCE PREPARATION: Wash and peel roots. We used a food blender to grate roots. Mix in white vinegar (my eyes are still stinging). Store in a tightly capped jar in the fridge.


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4 Responses to Processing Horseradish

  1. Jim says:

    Only the real brave or real crazy grind the roots indoors! Best have real good ventilation! Been there done that!

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