Small Business Saturday

Today is small business day. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses nationwide. So, we pose a question. What is the hardest thing to grow in Potter County, Pennsylvania? Hint: It’s not sweet corn or tomatoes and it has nothing to do with short growing seasons or degree days. The answer is a business.

So with that, let’s do some small business talk. To help us grow, our business goal is to cultivate some loyal customers with our very limited advertising dollars. To do that, we use a  Weebly® Website for internet-based advertising.  We feel that every business needs to advertise, and a website is vital to success on the internet. It gives credibility to a farm business. Weebly has no monthly website fees. We recently switched from a Intuit® hosted website and saved about $100 per year in website fees. So now, our only website expense is the yearly domain renewal fee. So there you have it, our small business tip of the day!


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