Digging Local Dirt

What is Local Dirt?

Local Dirt is a way to buy, sell and find local food. The best features are that this website provides a way for farms to profile their farms, and more importantly it also provides an automated way for farmers to create price sheets, manage inventory and generate purchase orders via shopping cart and sales reports.

And, why dig it?

Source: Food Inc

This is all being done to make it easier for customers to buy local food. The idea is that farms list their vegetables and products on a single price sheet in Local Dirt and then customers can per-order to lets us know what to bring to market ahead of time. Currently, we are working to increase the number of local farmers and producers in the program. Our farms and producers are all within 50 miles of Coudersport, PA. Each seller item will give specific details such as ingredient lists, farm of origin and more using the Local Dirt website.  Buyers can search and source local food in our area with the added convenience of online ordering and have the ability to purchase from multiple sellers during one visit to Local Dirt. Listing your farm with our Local Dirt Farmers’ Market will both help you grow your customer base, and enable producers to sell their products online for pre-order at the market (Farmers’ Market pre-buy).

How can we dig Local Dirt?

At this time, we are conducting a preliminary study to determine interest and evaluate feasibility. You can help us by filling in the form on our website.


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2 Responses to Digging Local Dirt

  1. Jane says:

    I’ve been out of the loop for a while and didn’t see this until this morning. It seems to be a good solution to meet the needs of both the growers and the customers. Let’s set a meeting of the Farmers’ Market group soon and get on with it!!

  2. wooleylot says:

    Thank you for working with us on this.

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