The “Ultimate” Cultivator

We now own the ultimate one row precision cultivating tractor, a 1947 Allis-Chalmers model B, and we fear no weeds!

Allis Frenchville


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2 Responses to The “Ultimate” Cultivator

  1. these things were tough ! If you have a good one, you will not have to do anything to it.  Its cool !  Let me know if I can help you

    • wooleylot says:

      It needs a battery and one of the rear tires is cracked badly (rim looks ok)….Totally rebuilt engine and a brand new rim and tire on one side. It has PTO and belt pulley that seem to work. No leaks or drips…Cultivator seems to be all there and not all bent up. It also had a single plow. Both implements are manual lift (it has no hydraulics).

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