Our Local Farmers’ Market

As you might have heard, the Potter County Farmers’ Market is busy planning for the 2013 season. The farms are all committed to provide the best food for the market and are working hard to find solutions to make it easier for customers to buy local food. We will provide more updates as things continue to develop.

So, what kind of real food commitments are you willing to make for yourself? Can you too commit to real food and your local food community! 

One promotion that we are continuing this year is Goodfor20. Last fall, Goodfor20 traveled to Coudersport, Pennsylvania for the Falling Leaves Festival.  And more recently, Goodfor20 has been featured in the HandPicked Nation article: Good Idea: Spending $20 at a Farmers’ Market Every Week. Visit the website, Goodfor20.com and read more about the Oath of Nourishment, bounty photos, and local food challenges. And, when you decide to make that real food commitment to support your local food community, let us know. We have a Goodfor20 Sticker for you to go along with your local food bounty.

Goodfor20 logo


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