Organic Integrity

Integrity – it is a matter choice. We choose to grow organic crops. In fact, we are requesting organic certification of our crops this year and part of that process involves making an Organic Systems Plan.  In the Organic Systems Plan, there is an Organic Integrity Section that asks what safeguards we using to prevent accidental contamination. And to comply, we are using signs posted on the farm boundaries and here’s that sign that you will see.

gemplers-organic-farm-G10182As food consumers, we too make choices. So, what kind of farm would you rather buy your food from?  The choices are the type of farm that posts the sign shown above or the conventional (non-organic) farm that posts the sign shown below.


And, maybe you noticed this too. Farms that use dangerous pesticides, GMOs and growth hormones tend to have Food Labels with language such as ‘Farm fresh’ and ‘quality assured’ and they often show photos of farm animals or farmers standing in rolling countryside. These labels are used to mask the truth about their commercially-grown crops and factory farms.

Big Ag SignsWhat type of food label are we using? Well, that’s something that is also asked for in the Organic Systems Plan. And, here’s what we came up with. We plan on using a plain food label to match our simple farm sign.

Organic farm signs


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