Rare Old Barn Find

Does anyone remember the hillbilly soft drink named after Mountain Moonshine?

Hints: We found an old bottle from 1965 with the picture of the man with the cork shooting through his hat. The green 10 ounce bottle, in white and red paint, has a revenuer running from an outhouse as a hillbilly shoots at him. Beneath the logo, the bottle also reads: “Filled by Famer and Friedl”. On the back it says “it’ll tickle yore innards”.

Need another hint: Well, here’s a tribute to kick off that special holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day, with some Irish traditional music dating from 1882.

The Rare Old Mountain Dew

Samuel Lover

Let the grasses grow
and the waters flow in a free and easy way
But give me enough of the rare old stuff
that’s made near Galway Bay
Come gangers all from Donegal,
Sligo and Leitrim too
Oh, we’ll give ’em a slip
and we’ll take a sip of the rare old mountain dew

There’s a neat little still at the foot of the hill,
where the smoke curls up to the sky
By a whiff of the smell you can plainly tell,
that there’s poitín, boys, close by
For it fills the air with a perfume rare,
and betwixt both me and you
As home we roll, we can drink a bowl,
or a bucketful of mountain dew

Now learned men as use the pen,
have writ the praises high
Of the sweet poitín from Ireland green,
distilled from wheat and rye
Away with yer pills, it’ll cure all ills,
be ye Pagan, Christian or Jew
So take off your coat
and grease your throat with a bucketful of mountain dew

Mountain dew 003 crop

This all of course reminds me of my youth and growing up in Potter County, Pennsylvania. Back then getting a soft drink or as we called it “a pop” was kind of a big deal. Nowadays, soft drinks are readily available everywhere and come in super-sizes up to 42-ounce. Even though we don’t drink much of these soft drinks now, we like the retro art designs painted on these old bottles. It was in the 1970’s when this beverage got a new image with a wavy logo.

Anyway, you just never know what you’ll  find “out thar in them thar olde barns”.  And the answer is Mountain Dew.


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