Spring’s Farm Work

It’s early spring on the Allegheny Plateau. Spring’s farm work is to prepare the fields and sow the crops.  It sure helped to plant a cover crop after the mid-summer garlic harvest last year. Our crop rotation is potatoes, alliums (garlic, shallots and onions) and curcurbits (winter and summer squash).

Here’s a look at the fields as they come out of their winter slumber. The fall-planted cover crops of Daikon radish and white mustard residue is decomposing rapidly to release its stored nutrients to increase topsoil fertility. Some of the crimson clover has over-wintered. For this field, we need only to do a shallow cultivation for seed bed preparation. Our rotation says to sow squash seeds in this field. One slide shows rows of fall-planted garlic with the squash field that will be planted later this spring in the distance.

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One Response to Spring’s Farm Work

  1. sarajane says:

    Wooley Lot, I’m appreciating your blog! I’ve only looked at the entries of the last few months, but they’re good stuff. I look forward to reading more from the past…and also from the future!

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