Picking Corn Seeds

Today, we went into town for corn seeds. We wanted to get some garden corn growing in a hurry. Coudersport, Pennsylvania has only two stores that carry much in the way of seeds. The first store had only treated seeds with a red coating and a warning sign reading “seed is not to be used for food, either human or animal”.  So, we passed on those ones, thinking that the sign pretty much said it all.

The next store had both treated and untreated corn seeds. We mentioned that we prefer untreated seed, and were told that “The birds will eat it.” I replied “We don’t care if the birds eat some.” and I thought to myself that in this case the birds are smarter than the humans.

potato planter 092Peaches and Cream is an sh2 super sweet hybrid corn that is non-GMO corn seeds for organic growing. “A hybrid is where you take the pollen from one plant and introduce it to another plant.  This is plant biology at its most basic element.”  The shrunken 2 (sh2) hybrid must be isolated from the other varieties, so as to avoid cross-pollination. Notice that this corn is clean and has not been treated using any chemical, biological, or physical method.

One for blackbird, one for the crow, one for the cutworm, and one to grow.” — proverb


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