Garlic Scape Tales

Sea Weed 042 cropWe harvested about 20 bushel of garlic scapes this year. And, thanks to our customers, we were able to sell them all!

These edible garlic stalks continue to grow in popularity with more local culinarians discovering them each year.  In addition to increased volume at the farmers markets, we were able to supply garlic scapes to the following quality restaurants. A BIG thanks goes out to Olga Gallery, Cafe, & Bistro in Coudersport, Pennsylvania and Hedgerow Farm Bakery in Alfred, New York for buying garlic scapes from us. And, that leads us to our farmer tip of the day.

Farmer Tip of the day: Give regular patronage to restaurants that buy produce from local farms. It really helps small farms when these establishments make a commitment to serve local produce.  We realize that buying directly from farms versus through a through large food outlets requires more work to coordinate deliveries and interact with several small farms.  But, the food is so much better because it is fresher and healthier (without having to travel long distances or added shelve-life extending chemicals). Your customer support will give these “farm-to-table” eateries assurance that the people understand the importance of it. Discover the value in eating locally.  Find one in your area and tell your friends.


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