Coming Up

Let’s take a look around the farm and see what’s Coming Up. Back by popular demand — Costata Romanesco. The taste of this Italian zucchini is unique, slightly nutty with exceptional texture. Tender skin and prominent ribbing also give this heirloom a distinctive appearance. And what about the reviews? Netra Magill Baker, one of our local farmers and a Licensed Home Food Cook, says “This is no doubt my favorite. I love them sauteed.”

Sea Weed 082And for something new coming up, we’re introducing the Peter Wilcox potato (a.k.a. Purple Sun). It has exceptional nutritional values with high levels of vitamin C and the antioxidant carotenoid. These round to oblong tubers have purple skin and yellow flesh and are excellent for roasting or boiling and store very well. And most importantly, how do they taste? The New York Times food editor says”a full earthy flavor with hints of hazelnuts“.  Oooh, doesn’t that sounds delicious.  So, when will we be selling these pretty babies. Look for them Coming Up at the Potter County Farmers Market. For the fully mature ones in August  and maybe some as new potatoes earlier.

Sea Weed 077 crop

Coming Up Lyrics

Artist: Paul McCartney

You want a better kind of future
One that everyone can share
Youre not alone, we all could use it
Stick around were nearly there

Its coming up, it’s coming up everywhere
Its coming up like a flower
Its coming up for all to share
Its coming up, yeah


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