Old Strain Makes Comeback

A few years ago, we noticed that along the side the garlic farm road, on a bank, there was a small patch of long stemmed garlic plants growing amongst the weeds. That fall in 2010, we pulled some of these garlic plants and replanted a few of the small bulbs into a prepared garlic bed.

Cousin Bob's Fancy Purple Stripe

Cousin Bob’s Fancy Purple Stripe

That first year, we separated those small bulbs into the individual cloves, which were only about the size of a corn kernel, and planted them. We hoped that these tiny cloves grow into bigger bulbs next year. That following year, we found that they did increase in size but were still very small bulbs. But being persistence and by replanting them again each year, we remained hopeful to someday grow them into larger bulbs and re-establish our farm’s original garlic cultivar. Well, this year we are finally getting a few fairly nice sized garlic bulbs from this old long forgot strain. It has an attractive bulb with distinctive purple striping, so we are calling this garlic “Cousin Bob’s Purple Stripe”.

Revived Old  Strain Makes Come Back

Three Heritage Varieties

We have three heritage garlic. The one mentioned above. And, another Potter County one, we named Vkoos Odena that we got from a local who told us of several local families had grew it over the generations. And, we picked up the Ohman Red from a grower in McKean. All three of the garlic types have different looking outer parchments. One is purple striped, the Ohman has a lot of reddish-purple coloring but it is more blotted in patches of color, and the Vkoos Odena has just a hint of purple color but mostly white parchments.


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