See My Eyes

herb fest 055The potatoes look great this year. The Rose Finn Apple has a rose-blushed beige skin and deep yellow flesh (left) and Russian Banana Fingerling has a golden skin with golden flesh (right). We expect loads of 4-5 inch and 1-1/2 diameter fingerlings like these shown here! These late-season varieties still have green foliage and so long as the plants are green, the potatoes should be allowed to remain in the ground; as this is quite indicative that the tubers are not fully mature.
An old gardening joke has it that one shouldn’t plant onions next to potatoes “because the potatoes will cry their eyes out.” The Rose Finn Apple has several easily seen eyes, and  one is very noticeable on the upper-left side. The eyes are the dimpled area where a new shoot forms. The Russian Bananas eyes aren’t so noticeable, they hide their eyes and have smooth skins.
herb fest 055 crop

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