Kingdom of Garlic

We returned to the Kingdom of Garlic this past weekend by vending at the Cuba Garlic Festival. We featured some of our Pennsylvania heritage garlic — Vkoos Odena and Ohman Red. We also sold some home-grown Russian Banana  and Finn Rose Apple Fingerling potatoes. We are very grateful for the festival attendees braved the rainy weather and a special thank you to those who bought produce from us over the 2 day festival.

Garlic King & Queen

Garlic King & Queen

Shown here are the officially coroneted Garlic King and Queen who bestowed a visit upon the humble Wooleylot Farm booth in that Kingdom of Garlic. Again this year, the wise King, upon seeing that we were from Potter County, Pennsylvania the home of Camp Potato and Potato City, asked us “have you also brought some potatoes with our garlic?” Luckily, we had some potatoes to offer him at our display. He seemed to be pleased by this offering and proclaimed “It is Good That You Bring Potatoes into My Garlic Kingdom!”

Lil' Stinker Mascots

Lil’ Stinker Mascots

This year’s Lil’ Stinkers are shown here.  They also came to visit us at the festival  — which proves that if you truly love garlic, then theses Lil’ Stinkers will come and visit you and all your garlic-loving friends. Such a unique honor that garlic brings to your garlic encounter. And, There Was Much Rejoicing in That Kingdom. —  in Cuba, NY.

This year’s funniest comment came from a customer who upon hearing us say “…that when we try to describe our potatoes we often go off on tangents…” replied “I can see why.”  Here’s a picture of our Rose Finn Apples with it’s airplanes or secondary fingers that distinguish this very fine fingerling. An abundance of water causes this to occur and this growing season had a lot rain which explains why these potatoes grew the extra fingers and made “hands” as you can see here.

Rose Finn Apple Fingerlings

Rose Finn Apple Fingerlings

Vinegre de Garlique

Vinegre de Garlique

This year we started a new tradition at the garlic festival. We challenged ourselves to visit the other garlic vendors to find an unique and wonderful garlic item, and to present our finding here in our blog. This year’s winner is the Josie Porter Farm of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania for their Vinegre de Garlique.  The label on the bottle says “Made with only the finest garlic, apple cider, vinegar and organic agave nectar. Handcrafted in small batches and aged in oak barrels, a characteristic of truly superior garlic vinegar.” Our sample tasting told us that this product delivers on that description and more. It is truly special in very way and indeed a rare and rewarding find.


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