French Fried, Baked or Mashed?

How many times have eaters (a.k.a., all of us) been given those menu options by the food server at the restaurant? Answer: About a gazillion. Those worn-out menu choices were built around the floury potatoes that are commonly grown on the large commercial farms. These floury potatoes, such as the russet and Idaho, are lower in moisture (drier), high in starch and tend to fall apart when boiled. Floury potatoes do not hold their shape well after cooking—think of the crumbly texture of a baked potato. That’s why they are easy to mash and used for deep-frying the fast-food French Fries.  And, the taste isn’t good. So, be sure to ask the food server for lots of butter, gravy and ketchup to help flavor these bland-tasting foods.

Now, imagine new possibilities built around sustainable local food.  Wouldn’t it be so refreshingly delicious to hear —  Pan Roasted, Confit or Colcannon? It’s possible think that way, isn’t it?  Answer: Most definitely as increasingly, people want local, sustainably and organically produced food. To help transform the food landscape, may we suggest the following recipes:

chef suggusted recipes


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