Organic Far Superior

After 30 years of side-by-side research, Rodale Institute has demonstrated that organic farming is better equipped to feed us now and well into the ever changing future.:
After thirty years of a rigorous side-by-side comparison, the Rodale Institute confidently concludes organic methods are improving the quality of our food, improving the health of our soils and water, and improving our nation’s rural areas. Organic agriculture is creating more jobs, providing a livable income for farmers, and restoring America’s confidence in our farming community and food system.
The  report shows:
  • oganic yields match conventional yields.
  • organic outperforms conventional in years of drought.
  • organic farming systems build rather than deplete soil organic matter, making it a more sustainable system.
  • organic farming uses 45% less energy and is more efficient.
  • conventional systems produce 40% more greenhouse gases.
  • organic farming systems are more profitable than conventional

Read the report: The Farming Systems Trail: 30-Year Report

by Rodale Institute
611 Siegfriedale Road
Kutztown, PA 19530-9320 USA
Phone: (610) 683-1400


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